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As alluded to a few weeks back, the GHFC has embarked on a fund-raising venture in support of Beyond Blue, the Black Dog Institute and RUOK?

This venture being the compilation of 17 previously posted GHFC Blogs into a 26 page soft copy booklet, (not so much ‘coffee table’ as ‘coaster’ size, however it’s all about the charities is it not!).

As revealed in the teaser marketing, the idea was to offer the booklet for purchase, such that the ‘cost of production per copy’ are covered, plus the amount you wish to donate to these 3 well worthwhile causes.

I can now confirm that the production costs came in at $10 (£6) per copy. Your donation is of course ‘your call’ and does not need to be divisible by 3, as I will divide the total proceeds by 3 at this end.

To ensure transparency I have established a ‘GHFC Bank Account’ with Westpac, into which your donation plus the $10 can be deposited.

For UK interest I also have a Lloyds UK account into which your donation plus the £6 to cover production costs, can be deposited.

The initial production run of 40 copies is due in house this week. As ‘First Editions’ they will of course be signed and numbered.

To receive Bank Account details please send your email order to either:


Upon receipt of the appropriate bank deposit your copy will either be hand delivered or posted to you, (if posting please advise preferred address details).

With thanks in advance, kind regards,

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