As a child growing up on the family farm in Berkshire, one of my many fond memories relates to the Daily and Weekend Newspapers. Of course we had no Internet or Social Media, so Print was ‘King’ (non-gender specific). The daily was usually the Daily Mail; Sunday being the Sunday Express.

I had a voracious appetite for news, even back then. I just loved reading about National and World events, (the term Global rarely if ever being used), however my favourite stories revolved around the so called ‘Captains of Industry’, not only their successes and failures, but also the impact they had on the ‘Social Pages’. 

These inspirational leaders, one day having aggressively steered a merger and acquisition, usually hostile, taking over some competitor; the next day appearing at Royal Ascot or Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, wooing Royalty and the latest Stars of stage and screen, with the retelling of their daring escapades!

To this day I still crave ‘Print’; my weekend not complete unless I have the Weekend editions laid out on the kitchen table!

In addition to the 'News' in the Newspaper, I also really enjoy the Sunday Magazine, especially Stellar, part of the Sunday Telegraph package. The subjects of the articles are, for the most part, interesting and courageous. 

Take Stuart Taylor for instance, (Stellar 8/7/18). As the by-line states:  ‘Corporate bigwig and family man Stuart Taylor, 49, thought he was invincible. But after a routine doctor’s appointment his whole life changed in an instant.’  

Stuart’s GP initiated tests with the result being that he was identified as has having a Grade 3 brain tumour! He was given just two and a half years to live!

Within the article Stuart shares the word Ikigai’, a Japanese word meaning ‘a reason for being’. It advocates that you nominate six words to describe what motivates you to get out of bed each day. Stuart’s six words are: ‘living, laughing, contributing with assertive humility’. Absolutely brilliant!

The article concludes with Stuart adding:  ‘It has now been 16 years since I was first diagnosed with cancer. I’m still here and I’m so very grateful’.

**Stuart Taylor is CEO of Springfox, providing evidence-based resilience programs. Visit:

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Very nice story and a good ending, thankfully! 

I just wonder though how many of us read stories regarding people with life threatening illnesses or really sad situations that people find themselves in and when we read about it or hear it, we always say to ourselves, how lucky we are and we will never moan about anything again, and so on, and then the next day we wake up, and get back into that irritated scenario again!?

I am not saying that we have to be perfectly happy all the time, I am only pointing out that you actually have to really focus and fight with yourself to put all your energy into whats worth doing and still fight for whats right, without harming yourself or others around you. It is all too easy to get sucked back into that 'taking it for granted' scenario again. 😕🙄
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