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Without doubt this week’s ‘GHFC Sunday Selection’ has to be the current hosting of the ‘Invictus Games’, by Australia, being officially opened by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with Invictus Ambassador, David Beckham, in support.

Harry, Meghan, Becks et al are without doubt the ‘hands-on’ driving force behind this inspirational organisation, however even they would want to recognise the passion that lies within the engine room.

To this end I add the names of Vicky Gosling, Debbie Wall and Jaguar Land Rover.

So as to fully understand their contribution I refer to this weekend’s ‘Telegraph Saturday Extra’ editorial by Charles Miranda.

In summary Vicky, or more accurately, RAF Group Captain Vicky Gosling, is a founding member of the Invictus Games.

Debbie Wall is Vice President of the ‘Sage Foundation’, established by one of the major Invictus Games partners, whose involvement with Invictus came about as a direct result of a Sage, (a global technology leader), asking its 10,000 employees across the UK and US, to ask which philanthropic activity its Foundation should support.

Jaguar Land Rover are also synonymous with Invictus, having been enthusiastically involved since its inception, with the simple motivation to find innovative ways to get soldiers back into employment, to date having employed close to 1,000 ex-service personnel globally since 2014.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to attending Invictus events at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush this week, at which I will be offering my gratitude not only to the amazing athletes participating, but also to the guiding lights of Vicky, Debbie, Sage and Jaguar Land Rover, not to mention Harry, Meghan and Becks, who are sending a clear message to the World, that it is most definitely… ‘not all about me’.

A courageous organisation, with a very courageous message. Thank you Invictus!

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