This Sunday I was catching up on all the news in and around Sydney, when I came across an article with the headline, ‘Stars face up to misery’. In summary it was all about how Aussie Stars open up on their own personal battles with their mental health wellbeing.

The by-line read ‘Photographic project trying to help raise mental health awareness’.

The full article can be read at however of greater interest to the GHFC was the connection with 'The Banksia Project', as their mission statement advises:

‘The Banksia Project is focused on mental wellness and early intervention in mental health. We do this through evidence based practices and solutions that encourage prevention and recovery. Our programs, developed by mental health professionals, industry leaders and other key professional bodies deliver peer to peer, community led support in a safe and supportive environment’.

Prior to reading the Daily Telegraph article I was unaware of its existence. Undoubtedly there are many such initiatives across the global landscape, all focused on driving awareness of the rapidly increasing mental health well-being issues.

My hat is off to all of you. I hope through ongoing research I will discover the many other wonderful initiatives and organisations that strive quietly yet effectively, to remove the stigma, while increasing the confidence, within all of us to face our issues through Awareness (A) and Communication (C). 

Oh, and do please remember the ‘B’ factor in the GHFC ‘ABC strategies to cope with anxiety’…to 'Breathe'…slow and deep…INNNNN and OOOOOUT… 8 to 10 slow and deep breaths always works for me!

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