I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading the book that you recommended on 17th July 2017, 'The Happiness Trap', by Dr Russ Harris.

I haven't got very far with it yet, just to Chapter 6, but I am finding it extremely helpful. I have been having some trouble sleeping for about a month or so and have been taking a half dose sleeping tablet for that amount of time, but I wasn't happy to continue with the tablet so I tried the 'Defusion method' that he talks you through in the book.

On Saturday night I stopped with the sleeping tablet and tried his suggestions on 'Defusion' and so far so good! I have been sleeping really well, it is great. His method just stops my mind from thinking about all that useless rubbish all night.

So thank you for the recommendation. I will continue reading it as it is very enlightening.

GHFC replied to Daisy: This is excellent feedback. So pleased you have a result and are sleeping better. If there is one thing above all else that supports mental health and well-being, it is a good night's sleep.
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