The GHFC has now received donations totalling $660 from the purchase of 30 of the Limited Edition, 'GHFC 1st Book of Blogs'.

As it stands this means that between them, Beyond Blue, the Black Dog Institute and RUOK? , all being amazing organisations in support of mental health well being, will benefit to the tune of $220 each from the generosity of our GHFC  readers.

The average donation to date has worked out to be $22 per copy, which when extrapolated over the 10 remaining copies equates a total of $880. Ideally $900 would be a good number as that would make a donation of $300 to each of the  three wonderful organisations listed above.

Many thanks to all those who have put 'Mindfulness' at the top of their 2019 list of priorities by taking this opportunity to 'Make A Difference', with many thanks in advance to those still to do so.

Please, if you or someone you know is showing signs of anxiety   (lethargy, moodiness, mood swings, lack of enthusiasm to socialize, declining   appetite, increasing alcohol intake), then please do check out the following   websites so as to either find or share some of the worlds best support and   strategies to cope:

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