FUNDRAISING UPDATE: What an amazing 48 hours it has just been! To be honest Jono and I are speechless at the mere fact $1,000 has been generously donated in such a short space of time.

Although we are looking to raise a minimum of $5,000, once we achieve $2,500 in donations we then receive our Cancer Council and Official Rally decals to stick on the car to assist with our fundraising as we drive around in Merv, (our current name for our rally car, 'Merv the Merc'), pre Rally.

So raising $2,500 is our immediate short term goal. If you can help us in this endeavour, then just as with all those who have so generously donated already, it will be greatly appreciated! Please visit our 'We Give' fundraising page at:

Kind regards,
Charlie and Jono (aka 'The Shady Glens')

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