Jono and Charlie, aka 'The Shady Glens' are delighted to share that not only have donations met the initial target of $2,500, on the way to their overall target of $10,000, but are now at $2,840. A big THANKS to all sponsors and donators to date! 

In celebration of this achievement the boys took 'Merv the Merc' out for a spin, ending up at the iconic, newly renovated, Mosman Rowers, which served as the perfect backdrop for the latest promotional shots.

Merv, pictured above, is wearing a beautiful white, some might say snow white, frock, speckled with hues of blue and gold representing sponsors GHFC, Human Engineering and The Shady Glens themselves, finished with stunning black boots with faux silver inlays.

Still to be added are the official Rally Decals as well as the Cancer Council decal, not to mention the logo from another confirmed sponsor, being Masters Invest!

However Merv still has plenty of canvas to fill, to which sponsors are encouraged to contact either Charlie or Jono at the earliest, (0427 006993), so sponsor logos can adorn Merv to and from fundraising events, the first being just 2 weeks from today at Bunnings, Narrabeen. (Sponsorship is just $100 plus GST, allowing for the sponsor's own logo on the car as well as promotion on the Rally Organisers website):


However, it is all about donations to the 'Cancer Council of Australia' in support of ongoing research into the cancer cure crusade. This research in turn supporting all those struggling with anxiety and depression, either as a direct result of being diagnosed with cancer, or being impacted by the effects of cancer on a family member or close friend. To donate please visit our fundraising web page at:

More updates from Charlie and Jono as they come to hand!

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