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In response to our most recent blog reflecting on the 'oh so mindful' passage from A.A Milne, one of our most frequent UK contributors, Daisy, shared the following anecdote:

'I love the way that A.A Milne writes, simply put, yet hits the spot everytime! 

If either I or my husband have 'Not very Okay at all' days, we just let each other know, so that should we be a bit irritated with each other, then at least we know why. 

We call them 'black cloudy days', days when for no reason you feel like a black cloud is hanging over you. 

I say to myself that it's a bit like being on a diet, some days you can be strong willed and positive, other days you just want to eat chocolate all day!

I try not to beat myself up about it, and I try not to dwell on it, I embrace my 'Not very Okay days', with communication, (and chocolate), being the key to help me get through those days'.

What a wonderful perspective...(especially as it involves chocolate)...reinforcing just how important communicating is! Many thanks Daisy.

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