I know I shouldn't be...but I am!

Having just listened to this evening's News, I am overwhelmed with shock, surprise and wonder.

I refer to a 13 year old girl in a Nail Salon, in Brookvale's 'Warringah Mall', being engaged in an altercation with another teenage girl, over a spurned love interest, resulting in a Nail Consultant receiving a stab wound in her middle arm, from said 13 year old girl!

Only this morning I read in the 'Daily Telegraph' that so far this summer, being just 2 months, the Police and Ambulance Service have attended 228 incidents involving stabbing attacks...14 since Christmas!! Since December 2017, over 2,820 people have been attacked with knives, in NSW alone!

I know that our UK readers will reflect on 4 to 5 years ago when stabbings became prevalent there, recently being replaced with 'acid attacks'!

The fact that our society has allowed itself to succumb to pubescent teenagers venting their anger in this abhorrent way, is without doubt an indictment on the failings of all the well intended politicians, educators, social commentators and academics upon who we all rely, to ensure our safe passage as we negotiate life's complex and convoluted path in the 21st Century!

'The Glass Half Full Community' is not a conduit for political persuasion, however it is a mechanism for social awareness and improvement, to which we are currently extremely concerned about the ability of our leaders, on all fronts!

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