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Since the GHFC came into being way back on 1st July 2017, Ant has been a regular and mindful contributor to our Forum and Blog. You only need to go back to the Blog below to see Ant's most recent contribution:

I'm pleased to report that Ant made it to 38 consecutive days, a personal best for Ant, but then he 'fell off the wagon', as a direct result of too many ‘anxiety triggers’ hitting at the same time, in effect compressing the impact of the triggers, exacerbating his 'feeling down', waking up depressed and lethargic.

I spoke with Ant yesterday and he was pleased to advice that he is now back to 28 consecutive days of 'feeling up', or at least not 'feeling down'.

Ant was keen to share his insights once again, recalling advice given to him some time ago by his mindful Mother. Put simply, the key to happy life is to always have something to do; to always have something to love; and to always have something to look forward to.

Ant freely admits that he is easily distracted from these simple influencers, defaulting to easier negative thoughts!

However two things have really hit home with Ant of late, especially when he can sense himself sliding into a depressed state. 

The first thing is to make sure he has a Purpose.

The second thing to make sure he is Contributing.

These two activities combined provide an amazing sense of self-worth and mental health well-being.

Ant has experienced both Purpose and Contribution, not only through his amazing creative talents in terms of music, writing and art, but also through his involvement with his kids sporting communities.

As Ant shared these insights with me I couldn't help but look back over my experiences with my own mental health wellbeing, and that born out of my need for Purpose and Contribution was The GHFC!

I mentioned earlier Ant's musical talents, well click on the link below and view a recent Vimeo of Ant Live. For those attending our Trivia Night on Saturday, Ant and my cousin Rod will be the live entertainment during the evening, donating their time and talent to Cancer Council Australia:

Many thanks Ant for once again being so generous with your insights.

Looking forward to Saturday Night at The Mosman Rowers!

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