Over Christmas/New Year I have been thinking of ways to provide some financial support for the leading Mental Health and Wellbeing organisations that the GHFC is aligned with, being Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute and RUOK?

Without doubt these organisiations receive excellent support from many different activities as well as much needed Corporate and Government aid. However as they say, 'every little helps'.

With this in mind I am compiling the GHFC '1st Book of Blogs', with the intention of making soft cover copies available for purchase, with the final price being the 'cost of production', (publishing, not my time), plus a donation to the organisations above. 

The amount of the donation will be entirely up to you, however I will request a meaningful minimum donation of $20.

At the time of 'blogging' the production costs per copy are in the range of $16 to $20, depending on number of pages, (between 20 to 30).

Should you be interested in purchasing and donating please do let me know so I have an estimate of the quantity to order.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

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