Surveys submitted from as far away as Connecticut, USA and Newcastle, UK not to mention nearly every State and Territory in Australia! All Business sectors covered, including Hospitality, Construction, Finance, Retail and Health, with ages ranging from early 20's to early 60's, the average age of participants currently being 42.

The initial overall findings indicate that regardless of location, the 'Conscious Primary Influencer', as to why we get up and go to work each day, is the same. As are the Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Influencers. 

However when we drill down into each 'Influencer', there is one that clearly materialises as the 'subconscious Primary Influencer'.

As to whether the findings to the above be our 'Colleagues', our 'Role', our 'Organisation's Leadership' or our Workplace Culture', will have to wait on the Study's validation to be revealed.

Apart from establishing our overall reason for going to our place of work each day, the GHFC Anthill 20:20 Score template also provides for four Mental Health Wellbeing in the Global Workplace outcomes: 'Fit', 'Healthy', 'Unhealthy' and 'Unfit'.

One piece of information I can share today is, that based on the submissions to date, Mental Health Wellbeing in the Global Workplace  is meandering on the border between being 'Healthy' and being 'Unhealthy'

Before we can release our findings in full, we really do need more raw data so as to validate the Study as a whole.

So if you haven't had the time, or the motivation, to complete and submit a Study survey, please do, by clicking on the link below. Also please share with family, friends and colleagues, even if they have to recall on past experiences in the Workplace.

There are no right or wrong answers; there only exists opportunities to support Global Mental Health and Wellbeing!

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