The GHFC in collaboration with Fauve People Development are pleased to announce the launch of a global workplace fulfilment study into mental health and well being. 'Anthill 20:20'.

Why are we doing this? Simply because the workplace is a 'hot bed' of stress and anxiety for almost everyone.

We spend most of our time, awake or asleep, being actively engaged in our job/role activities, Not only physically in the workplace, but alongside today's global connectivity, more frequently at home, often outside of regular, acceptable workplace hours. Last but not least in our sub-consciousness, during what should be our restorative sleep.

No wonder workplace mental health well being considerations are at an all time high!

You, as a regular recipient of GHFC blogs and awareness updates, are invited to click on the link below so as to participate in this ground breaking study, even if you may not be currently involved in the 'workplace', cast your mind back to when you were, responding accordingly. (The data is the critical component in this study; the greater the amount of data the greater the validity).

Hopefully the guidelines within the Study template will provide the necessary instruction. Fear not, there is a 'star' rating activity at the end where you can let us know.

Each qualitative study submitted will be quantified using the Anthill 20:20 scoring template. The interpretation of each score will reflect on the individual's 'Workplace Fulfillment Influencers', be it Colleagues, Workplace Culture, Role/Job,  or Organisation Leadership. 

The objective over time is to build up a profile of the current 'Primary' through to 'Quaternary' Workplace Fulfilment Influencers, at a Global, Country and Local level. (For the 'spot the spelling freaks; among you, me included, 'Quaternary' is spelt correctly - meaning fourth in order or rank!)

The findings of this study will then be available for all Organisations to review and consider when implementing strategies to support Mental Health Well Being in the Workplace. This is a not for profit initiative on behalf of GHFC and Fauve People Development.

Anyway, please do give it a go, (only takes 10 minutes max, providing you don't overthink), in the knowledge that you will be at the forefront of an initiative that will make a positive difference as to how organisations view mental health well being in the workplace.

Please do feel free to forward the link to family, friends and colleagues, as the more comprehensive and voluminous the input, the more relevant the interpretations will be.

Thank you in advance. Now here's the link:

A GHFC/Fauve People Development not for profit initiative.

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