I am delighted to unveil the car that is going to raise a minimum of $5,000 in funding for the Cancer Council!

'How so' I hear you ask? Well, myself and my oldest mate in Australia, (being length of time known, not age), Jonathan 'Jono' Papworth, are participating in a car rally from Melbourne (VIC) to Townsville (QLD) via Birdsville, (not to mention multiple other exotic locations), along with close to 250 other participating Teams, the challenge being not only to 'survive the harsh outback conditions', but to do so in a vehicle with a roadworthy purchase price below $1,000!

'Why so' I also hear? First and foremost to raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council, but also because when I first met Jono, some 30 years ago, one of our 'first deep and meaningfusl', (at The Shady Glen Cravan Park in Darwin (NT), hence the Team name), revolved around Jono's passion to participate in a trans-Australia car rally!

'When?' In mid to late October 2019.

'What car is it?' A 1997 Mercedes-Benz C180 Sedan, 5-speed auto! TAXI!
'How much did you end up paying?' Believe it or not $970! I kid you not! Okay it's had a good 'detail' up at the local Car Wash, but under the bonnet, it's as sweet as a nut!

So here's the 'kicker'! We do need to raise the minimum of $5,000 in donations prior to departure in mid-October. However our immediate need is to have raised half this amount, so as to be eligible to receive the official Rally Car Stickers on behalf of both the Rally Organisers, 'Shit Box Rallies' and the 'Cancer Council'. (In effect validating our commitment to the cause).

Throughout the coming 6 months Jono and I will be hosting all kinds of fundraising events, including Sausage Sizzles and Cake Stalls at Bunnings outlets across the North Shore of Sydney.

We will of course provide updates on these events as they approach.

There is also an opportunity to sponsor our Team, which for an investment of $100 plus $10 GST allows you the opportunity to place your own promotional sticker on our car, as well as be visual on the Rally website. To date we have ourselves, the 'GHFC', '' and 'Tyreright Brookvale' as sponsors, so plenty of room for more sponsorship stickers).

To find out more please either call me on 0427 006993, or email me at

To donate please visit our 'We Give' site at:

For sponsorship please call me direct as I do need to liaise with the Rally Organisers.

Thankyou for reading. More updates to follow.

Kind regards,
Charlie and Jono (aka 'The Shady Glens')

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