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Today is a very Special Day in the Calendar for all Aussie located Mums! It’s ‘Mothers Day’, or as it was known back in the day, ‘Mothering Sunday’. (For our Northern Hemisphere readers this day is celebrated in March, so belated ‘Best Wishes’ to all you Mums too).

‘Beyond Blue’ is without doubt one of the leading organisations in support of Mental Health Well Being, not only in Australia, but Globally.

Former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is now leading this excellent team, to which regardless of political persuasion, I hope we can all agree, Julia has found her true calling and excelling in the role. Julia offers this insight into her own mental health well being:

'When I was Prime Minister, people would sometimes ask how I managed my own wellbeing with the demands and stress of running the country. Now as Chair of Beyond Blue, the questioning is more frequent. Understandably, people are curious about how I practice what I preach; how I look after my own mental health today and how I did it when I was in office.

Faced with these questions, I sometimes feel like I need to give some interesting, creative answer. But the truth is that, throughout my adult life, it’s always been the case that the simple things make the biggest difference.

I enjoy getting outside for some fresh air, taking my dog Reuben for a walk on the beach and spending time with friends and family. I also think nothing cures stress quite like a good laugh. My life can be hectic with lots of work, travel, and time away from home, so to relax I like to read books to help me unwind. I try to build quiet moments into even the most frantic of days.'

‘CONGRATULATIONS’ Julia, to you and Team Beyond Blue!

Following is a recent Face Book post from Beyond Blue in recognition of ‘Mothers Day’, as to how today we celebrate, however tomorrow we need to remember that anxiety and depression do not discriminate, and that we all have a responsibility to monitor our own mental health and well being, as well as those close to us:

'There are certain days that can raise all kinds of emotions. Mother’s Day can be one of them.

We have a range of resources to help you or a loved one make the day more manageable, with strategies to help you cope and guide you in the right direction for support.

· Dealing with grief on days you dread
· Mental health checklist for new mums
· Staying well

Practise mindfulness techniques: Mindfulness can be an effective way to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

-Close your eyes and focus on slowing down your breathing.

-Take deep breaths, in and out, for 60 seconds.

-Think about five things that connect you to the moment right now: the date, the location you’re in, something you can see from where you are, the last meal you ate, the next activity you will do. (It’s a mindfulness technique called grounding which can be very helpful to calm you in moments of anxiety or grief).


Please, if you or someone you know is showing signs of anxiety (lethargy, moodiness, mood swings, lack of enthusiasm to socialize, declining appetite, increasing alcohol intake), then please do check out the following websites so as to either find or share some of the worlds best support and strategies to cope:

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