OKAY I admit it! I have come out of the closet, being loud and proud of my declaration!

I know there are those who will harangue my revelation, or even have me pilloried for daring to even think it, let alone speak it!  

But there it is! WOW I feel good, a hefty weight well removed from my shoulders!

So, what is Ambiguity? Why do I fear it?

Well the dictionary would have us believe that Ambiguity is a type of meaning in which several interpretations are plausible; a common aspect of ambiguity is uncertainty; the concept of ambiguity is generally contrasted with vagueness.

My personal experience is that it is a failure to dot the 'is' and cross the 'ts'

This failing manifested itself into our culture just over a decade ago. I noticed at my place of work that the hitherto 'checks and balances' applied to ensure that decisions made today would stand the test of time moving forward, serving as a short, mid and long term solution/initiative benefitting the business for years to come, all but disappeared. As, coincidentally, were the experienced employees who maintained these critical activities.

Instead being replaced by a modus operandi of speed is of the essence, 'put in a fix and we'll deal with the consequences as and when they surface', (which they inevitably did...and still do!)

What's that you say? You need evidence of this! 

Okay, take a look at a Daily Newspaper, (there I go, all old school again), and see how many times you see, in just one week, how many Apology Notices are printed by major retailers, to communicate an incorrect pricing, inaccurate information, or product recall! (I rest my case).

Why do I fear it?

The Number 1 reason I fear it is that it fuels my anxiety!

Ambivalence, equivocation, obscurity, vagueness, abstruseness, doubtfulness, uncertainty, dubiety and doublespeak all combine to undermine my sense of mental health well-being, causing my anxiety levels to rise and rise to the point where the only escape is solitude!

Sounds sad doesn't it! Well it would be if I wasn't aware of it and took clear, unambiguous steps to overcome it. 

So, when in my place of solitude I put into effect proven coping strategies, such as breathing deeply in and out, with a hold of 4 to 5 seconds prior to exhalation; stretching and relaxing all physical extremities; mentally focusing on all those extremities during stretching; finishing with a 20 minute session of horizontal meditation (aka taking a nap!)

It's ironic in itself that Ambiguity has two i's and one t, however no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find a keyboard that was able to print an i without a dot, or a t without a cross!

Maybe there is hope for us 'Ambiguityphobes' after all!

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I think you have also just explained my phobia too!! Is there a cure? Me thinks not! I think the worst culprits must be the politicians without doubt, in fact I am sure they must go on a special 'Ambiguity' course!
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Hi Daisy, I really think you have it the proverbial nail on the head! Absolutely zero ambiguity in your observations!😈
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