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Six great Nations, 7 to be more accurate, took part in the preliminary rounds of the Wheelchair Rugby, being Australia, France, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and the UNQ (aka 'The Unconquered', being an amalgamation of athletes from Canada and Poland).

To be fair the name 'Wheelchair Rugby' does not to justice to a sport which is played with a volley ball, (being a round ball, not the Rugby ovoid), which can be propelled forwards to team mates, (being a 4 a side game), with not one scrum or line out to be seen, (although a soccer type throw-in does take place).

There is a 40 second 'count down clock', which starts counting down the second one of the team goes on the offensive from a restart, in which time the attacking side has to have sored, prior to the 40 seconds expiring.

Scoring results in a 'try', as in rugby, however for one point as opposed to 5. To score the player has to be in possession of the ball with 2 wheels having crossed the try-line.

The scoring area is a line 5m long between 2 witches hats. Their is also a rectangular box, 5m long by 1m deep, leading up to the try line, which is referred to as the 'key'. (Dimensions are guesstimates, as is the spelling of the key!)

The whole pitch is probably an area of 10 meters wide by 25 metres long, (again guesstimates). Playing time is made up of 2 halves of 10 minutes each.

The game itself is fast, frenetic and furious! The sound of the Roma Sport racing chairs, impacting at full force, sets the heart pumping. Undoubtedly reminiscent of the great Chariot skirmishes which took place in the amphitheatres across ancient Europe!

The skills of the participating athletes, being mixed gender teams, are enthralling, spinning their chairs on a sixpence, ducking and diving, weaving and wheeling.....not to mention the all to frequent overturning!

The overwhelming take out has to be the spirit in which all the games were played. Energetic, yes; Vigourous, yes; Physical, yes; Competitive, absolutely; In the true spirit of sportsmanship, undoubtedly; With humour and humility, second to none!! Many Congratulations to all Invictus Games participants!

Going back for more today to relish the Semi Final matches between Australia and France, with the UK taking on the USA. 

'Oh still my beating heart.....'   

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Wow! what an exciting game to watch! How lucky were you to go and see it.

The 'Invictus Games' is totally inspiring!
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Hi Daisy, it really was exciting, as you say we were very lucky to witness this spectacle. Able bodied athletes and sportspeople could learn so much about humility and mindfulness of others from these guys! Especially the highly paid professionals, who display an uncanny knack for being more and more self-centred the more money (and fame) they receive!
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