Following recent GHFC Editor's Blogs regarding the courageous initiative taken by UK PM Theresa May, in support of the mental health well-being of school children across the UK, Australia's PM Scott Morrison has unveiled his plan for a new funding package for mental health service 'Headspace', which operates 107 youth mental health centres.

Up to 14,000 young Australians will be offered free services in a $50million lifeline to reduce teen suicide.

The money will fund more clinical staff, boost services and fund a new digital service.

$10 million will be designated to NSW Headspace centres, with $12 million assigned to a digital support service, 'eheadspace'.

With more than three quarters of all mental health problems starting before the age of 25, Headspace centres offer free access to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers as well as Doctors and Nurses for Australians aged 12 to 25.

Reports of psychological distress have increased 3 fold over the last decade. Young women reported higher rates of distress, at 38%, with young men at 26%.

Headspace Chief Executive, Jason Trethowan attributed the rise in mental health issues to an increase in the use of social media, exam pressures and changing family relationships.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Government would ensure that the mental health and well being of young Australians was a major health priority.

(Source: Sunday Telegraph; 14/10/18; Annika Smethurst,
National Political Editor).

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