When I started 'The Glass Half Full Community', back in July 2017, the simple objective was to try, in some small way, to 'Make a Difference'.

On the one hand I wanted to provide a means of regular communication as to the issue of Mental health well-being, Anxiety and Depression, combined with a forum for those who wished to add comment, critique, or simply follow.

On the other hand providing a conduit in which those who recognised symptoms either in themselves, or in those around them, so as to seek professional support from their GP, a psychologist  or through one of the recognised Australia wide organisations such as Beyond Blue, The Black Dog Institute, RU OK, Lifeline, Headspace etc.

By way of reflection, the name itself is derived from the clashing of two circumstances. 

The first, looking back at photos from a holiday to Cornwall in June 2017, when up popped one of a pint glass of glorious Cornish Ale, with a hazy backdrop of Cape Cornwall, being pounded by relentless breakers from the Atlantic Ocean. The glass of course being.....Half Full!

The second was, that throughout my life I have been referred to by others as always looking on the bright side, always finding the positive in any situation, in other words, always a 'Glass Half Full' kind of guy! (NOTE: In later life fully appreciating that my perceived leaning towards the positive, was actually an internal mechanism to counteract my own self doubts and internal pessimism, eventually manifesting itself as Anxiety, resulting in my bouts of Depression).

Hence that weekend in late June 2017, with time on my hands and with the support of the 'Go Daddy' website builder program, the 'GHFC' was born!

Truth be told it was never meant to be a 'Community', however the domain for had already been taken, whereas was still available. 

Initially I ran with the idea that the 'com' (before the .com) was short for Communication, however somewhere in our evolution, it became Community.

So here we are, some 17 months down the track, with a website and forum that has evolved to where we are today, with over 60 regular subscribers and an average of over 500 views each month.

Boosted posts on 'Facebook' regularly attract over 2,000 to 3,000 viewings across Australia and the UK. Our presence on 'Linked In' is viewed by business professionals across not only Australia, but the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the Sub-Continent and Asia. As for Twitter...well we 'tweet' our Blogs there too!

As I said at the start, the simple idea was to try, in some small way, to 'Make a Difference'. 

Mission accomplished....however so much more still to do!!!

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings, at the same time taking on board the serious message we attempt to convey, albeit with more light than shade, as ever....'The Glass Half Full!'

To subscribe to the 'Glass Half Full Community', at no cost, please click on one of the Make a Difference buttons located on the website.

 Please, if you or someone you know is showing signs of anxiety (lethargy, moodiness, mood swings, lack of enthusiasm to socialize, declining appetite, increasing alcohol intake), then please do check out the following websites so as to either find or share some of the worlds best support and strategies to cope:

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