As a parent of two young boys, 14 and 11, the priority is guiding them towards a career that not only provides for financial security, but also allows them to indulge their passions, ensuring they 'live to work' as opposed 'work to live'.

Recently I was made aware of a very 'NOW' approach as identified by Michaela Launerts. Michaela is an educator, speaker and author of '#GIRLCODE and #GUYCODE, The Secret to Success in a Digital World.' 

'Michaela has extensive experience in Secondary Education and the Cosmetics Industry in Australia and abroad. Having identified a strong link between the motivation to succeed in school leavers, alongside a strong set of social skills, Michaela developed programs to help people to flourish personally and professionally.'

“Charisma is so important when competing for employment, post-graduation,” says Launerts. 

“So much emphasis is placed upon academic achievements when it comes to employment opportunities. Ultimately however, the quality of one’s character and presentation will ensure the competitive edge they need for success - both at school and beyond.” *

From there Michaela developed courses that redefine where the bar is set regarding basic manners, professional conduct and social etiquette.

“I was overwhelmed by feedback from business owners about their employees and their complete lack of knowledge regarding the basic principles of customer service and customer relations. Somewhere along the way, lines have become blurred. I’m giving business owners the opportunity to outsource this kind of ‘re-training’ in order to re-establish cultural norms and re-invigorate the image associated with their branding.”

Launerts said millennials have grown up in online worlds where they make their own rules and don’t learn the social conventions that are still expected of them.

“I think it’s because of the time they’re spending online, which promotes an inward-facing attitude,” Launerts adds.

"Eye contact, not interrupting, a proper handshake, social engagement — they struggle with what older generations consider basic niceties".

“Body language and creating a good first impression shape how someone sees you. I think most young people lack the concept of what body language is. They’re not equipped with the skills to make a good first impression and that’s a real problem.”

UPCOMING COURSE DATES FOR OCTOBER 2018 : an interactive, two-day course held in Manly at the International College of Management, Sydney.

#GIRLCODE: 8 & 9 OCTOBER, 2018

#GUYCODE: 10 & 11 OCTOBER, 2018

(*As seen in The Sunday Telegraph and The Manly Daily.)

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