We are already close to 7 weeks, or 48 days, into 2019 and already we are witnessing responsible acts of mindfulness across the spectrum.

I myself have been involved with two initiatives this year, following on from the hugely successful Oranges Toolkit/Camp Quality programme.

The first being the Centre for Inclusive Design providing support to Corporate and Government sectors in relation to ensuring all websites are equally accessible by the disabled community, especially those who are sight or hearing impaired, as they are by able bodied members of the community.

The second being alongside SafeWork NSW, in this instance providing support for businesses across NSW to enhance their current 'mental health well being in the workplace' programmes.

Today I read that a recent survey revealed that based on current media exposure, most Australians are of the belief that the single leading cause of death is cancer related. (Mr Trump would refer to this as 'fake news'.)

Heart Disease is the biggest cause of deaths in Australia, (and probably most of the Western World), with 20,000 people each year in Australia dying as a result of one form of heart disease or another.

Right now, an estimated 430,000 Australians, including 40,000 under the age of 55, are living lives forever changed by heart attack.

So what has this to do with Mindfulness? Well, 'The Sunday Telegraph', in partnership with the 'Heart Foundation', is calling on the nation's federal and state leaders to commit to 7 initiatives to stop the nation's worst killer.

For more on this mindful story please do try and see a copy of today's Sunday Telegraph (pages 8, 9 and 90).

In addition there is a 'Heart Age Calculator' available on the Heart Foundation website:

Or directly at:

I took it, taking about 2 minutes max, and my heart age was 61. I turn 60 in May this year. 

NOTE: Before using the calculator if you do have at hand your most recent blood pressure and cholesterol readings, then go find them, as you are asked to input them. I had my annual check up recently, however couldn't find them so answered 'no' to each question, which probably had some bearing on my result, albeit still happy with 61 calc/60 actual. Also need height and weight info (in new or old money!)

You can also visit #ShowSomeTicker on social media to share your results and see healthy heart related foods, activities etc.

Very mindful indeed!!

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