Yet another wonderful initiative from the team at the Black Dog Institute:         
Dear Charles and the GHFC,
Your ongoing support has helped us to refresh and relaunch myCompass, one of our  important mental health programs, and for this, we say thank you.
We have upgraded this free online, self-help tool to be more mobile friendly and with a new look and feel.
The program has 14 different interactive modules, designed to help adults experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression, or for anyone wanting to build good mental health. It also features a lifestyle tracker, so its 16,000 active users can track their mood and in turn better understand  themselves and how to improve their mental health.
Amy, a frequent myCompass user, believes the program has had a huge effect on her life:
By impacting my mental health positively, it’s improved my friendships and relationships with my family because I’m in a better place, and I’m better able to manage the feelings that I’m having.”
Before using myCompass and seeking treatment, Amy describes the challenges she faced when she felt depressed and anxious:
I think the predominant feeling I had was being really alone…and that was really holding me back from doing certain things in my life… I was having all of these feelings and thoughts of anxiety. And I definitely felt like it was only me that felt like that…that led to me feeling quite depressed.”
After Amy’s GP recommended she tried myCompass, it has now become “one  of several tools within [her] mental health arsenal.” She believes that using myCompass is “like taking that little step in the right direction.”
I really think that it’s just a small step. Everything’s incremental in giving you tools to help yourself.”
Just like the steps that Amy takes each day to improve her mental health, refreshing myCompass is just one of the many steps Black Dog is taking to create a mentally healthier world.
We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you GHFC for being part of the Black Dog family.  If you’d like to try out myCompass, head to     to register for free.
Thank you again for your continued support of our work.
From everyone at Black Dog Institute.
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