'Every time I write a blog I'm asked about my spelling and grammar...EVERY TIME!

So I owe you all this explanation.

When I was in Year 2 I hid my school reading from my mum for a whole year, partly because I was behind and partly because I was lazy. Nobody ever found out that I never did any homework.

In Year 4 the teachers divided us into groups, 1 being the smartest and 5 being the dumbest. I was placed in group 5. My mum got me a tutor, it didn't help.

In Year 5 while holidaying with my dad he cut out all of the sugar from my diet to see if it could improve my concentration. It didn't.

By Year 6 they made another group for those of us who couldn't even keep up with group 5 and I, along with 2 others were placed in group 6.

At the end of Year 6 my teacher made me stand up in front of the class and read her the answer to the two last questions of our social studies homework, I didn't know them, she screamed, 'of course you don't, this whole class knows how dumb you are!'

In Year 7 my best friend over heard my music teacher telling my teacher that I was talented, my teacher responded that I will fail, 'just watch she always does'.

In Year 8 I was asked to leave my high school at the age of 12, for fighting with another student! 

In Year 9 I was asked to leave my second high school, a Catholic school, for not wearing a hat or showing any signs of improving my grades.

At 15 I started a course to pass Year 10, they taught us low level skills, (one teacher even taught us how to push trolleys), so I could go to TAFE. I couldn't concentrate for long enough to pass so I purchased a bottle of amphetamines and passed it while losing sleep and developing anxiety!

I never completed any TAFE courses or returned to any type of education. It wasn't until my 20s, when I couldn't read a number straight from a piece of paper without messing it up, that I was informed that I had dyslexia and possible ADD.

I wrote, I traveled and I wrote; fell in and out of love and I wrote; had babies and I wrote.

My writing was rejected by every publishing company in the country, still I wrote. Until I was 28 and decided to find out if I could go to Uni. I wanted to be a psychologist, I wanted to help people and above all I wanted to write.

A few months later I received a letter in the mail stating that I was in the top 92% in the country for that year's intake. I could go to any University I wanted and the best one accepted my application. Still I didn't last. I had two kids and I found it incredibly hard. I couldn't even learn the online library logins, or how to reference an essay. So I quit and continued to write.

Which brings me to today. A best selling author, a sold out range of clothing, my own radio show, over a million followers, having funded two 'safe houses' in Kenya. 'The dumbest kid in the class'.

Why? Because when you love something it becomes a part of you, you don't stop... even if you can't spell!

I am who I am and if there are any other 'dumb' kids who can't spell, read, or even learn how to use a PC, I want them to see me in them. There are so many different definitions of 'smart'. Nobody believed I could do it...SO I DID IT!'

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Very inspiring indeed, especially as my spelling and grammar is and has always been bad! [biggrin]
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I can certainly vouch for that Daisy!!!!![tounge2]
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