A message from one of our more recent subscribers, a truly remarkable, ongoing story:

That looks awesome! (with reference to the GHFC Homepage). You should definitely check out my mate who's riding around Australia for 6 months to raise awareness for Depression and Mental Awareness - He rode for 9 days and was north of Brisbane when he got knocked of his bike so just doing physio before he can get back on the bike to continue his journey. He's been amazing and has been doing tv and radio interviews. Check it out.
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Great fun with the boys IMG_2373.JPG  IMG_2376.JPG  IMG_2391.JPG  IMG_2398.JPG  IMG_2406.JPG  IMG_2419.JPG  IMG_2432.JPG  IMG_2434.JPG 
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Now that's getting back to nature and kicking back!! Well done Sam, and thanks for sharing!!
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Update regarding our support of the 'Ride for Jase' (posted July 19th):

Just thought I'd share with you all that yesterday I sent a brief note to the Team supporting this amazing initiative, to which I have just received the following reply:

Hi Charles,
Thanks very much for getting in touch and thank you for sharing the 'Ride for Jase' on your website. 
I think it is absolutely fantastic what you have started. Love your work. 
I have registered to be part of the community.
Keep it up.

As a reminder, following is the link:
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