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Following on from the courageous story shared by an even more courageous Sam, is a copy of the email I sent to Sam upon receipt of his email, in turn followed with his response:

'Hi Sam,

WOW!!  Thank you for opening up. Your story is one I would be delighted to share on the GHFC. 

Also, how did you feel after you had composed this email, then hit the ‘send’ button?

I’m betting a combination of relief with a great sense of uplifting!

I say this because every time I share my experience with someone else, this is how I feel. Making sure of course the person I’ve shared with is also OK, and that my story has not sent him or her into a tail spin about their own anxieties!

To date they have always felt better hearing from someone else with similar anxieties…a trouble shared being a trouble halved…on a 2-way street.

Thanks again Sam. Big man hug coming your way in return!!

All the best,


'Hi Charlie,

Indeed I did feel better after I sent that email and was quite surprised when I found myself opening up and typing it!

Thanks for the hug – much appreciated!

All the best,


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