Well, more precisely, two 'old chaps'!

When I arrived in Australia, way back in February 1988, my first port of call was Perth.  In truth their were two of us, both called Charlie, and our adventure became known as a 'Right Pair of  Charlies travel the World', (being another story for another day!)

Our intent was of course to backpack around this amazing Continent, albeit clockwise, Perth to Sydney. Long story short we eventually arrived in Darwin, seeking out The Shady Glen campsite in which to pitch our tent and enjoy plenty of Northern Territory R&R.

While setting up, a rather nice looking Nissan, towing an even nicer looking Catamaran, pulled in next to us. The other Charlie looked across at the driver, who at the same time clocked Charlie, at which point they both called out each others name! Small world, they knew each other from Cheltenham in England!

The driver's name was Jonathan 'Jono', with this serendipitous meeting calling for a celebratory slab of the 'cold stuff'. 

We all got on famously, eventually travelling in a convoy from Darwin to Katharine to Alice Springs then across to Townsville and Cairns, via many weird and wonderful stop-offs!

During this adventure Jono consistently regaled us with his dream to participate in the 'Bourke to Broome Bash', a charity car race, primarily on dirt roads and through inhospitable terrain!

Jono and I ended up in several share houses in Sydney during the early 90's, Jono even agreeing to be Best Man at my wedding to Vicki in 1993.

Over the years we've kept in touch, to which without doubt Jono is my 'oldest mate' in Australia!

Imagine my incredulity, when late last year Jono rang me to invite me to be his co-driver, in an event that is so authentically Aussie, as the 'Shitbox Rally'. I kid you not.

In summary our application, as 'Team Shady Glen', has been confirmed, just this week, setting of a 'chain of events' that will see us driving, in a vehicle that has an approved value of no greater than $1,000 from Melbourne to Townsville, via Wentworth, Birdsville, Hughenden, (to mention but a few locations), starting on October 19th, finishing on October 25th. 

Of course all in the aid of charity, in this instance 'The Cancer Council'.

More on this as the 'chain of events' become clear, but for now I just wanted to share the news with the GHFC, so as to bring you along for the ride, even if it be spiritually as opposed to physically!

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Wow! That will be an amazing trip, and great fun. Will really look forward to hearing all about it. Good cause too. Well done. 👍
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It will definitely be AMAZING. I'll keep you posted on developments!
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