My Dad always said if you want to have a great dinner table conversation, keep away from politics and religion. (I think there were a couple of other topics too, but can’t recall which exactly!) Without doubt my Dad’s words have resonated on numerous occasions!

In terms of politics it really does go without saying. Open the door, just ajar, then watch out…almost like lighting the blue touch paper on Firework Night!

But religion? Isn’t that supposed to be all about respectable people gathering together to talk about helping those less fortunate? How on earth can that be a controversial Dinner table conversation issue?

Anyhow, for some reason I got to thinking about this the other night. 

Throughout the past 50 years or so my views on religion have waxed and waned like the proverbial moon! However, the constant has always been that I am a ‘Believer’, however for the most part because the story itself, the Bible if you will, is a document of ‘Realistic Optimism’. Be it performing miracles, making sacrifices for the betterment of others, even going to ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’.

Okay, in truth I struggle with that last bit! My conclusion after 50 plus years, is that when we shuffle of this mortal coil, (with thanks to John Cleese in the ‘Norwegian Blue Parrot sketch’, see link below), we actually are still around on Earth, although just not visible. 

For those who can remember, this is a bit like Marty Hopkirk in the TV series from the 1970’s, ‘Randall and Hopkirk Deceased’ (see link below). R &H were a couple of private detectives who were originally partners, until Marty Hopkirk met with an unfortunate, being fatal, accident during his pursuit of justice! To which he obviously died! However, only physically. Throughout each episode Jeff Randall would be in some dire situation upon which Marty Hopkirk would appear, as a ghost, being only visible to Randall, guiding him to effectively overcome the baddies! Great stuff when watching as a young lad!

Now I remember why I was thinking about this. It was amid Trumps clumsy attempt at trying to make amends for his earlier mis-speak about Putin and Russia’s involvement, or not, in the Presidential elections. As if someone else put the words in his mouth! (‘Randall & Hopkirk esque’).

I don’t know about you, but in the last 50 or so years I have experienced on many occasions having 'thought a thought', or even 'said a spoken word', where I think to myself, where did that come from? Or, how did I know that? Often uncanny, often rewarding, sometimes not so!

How can I prove this? I can’t. Do I want to prove it? No, not really. 

All I will point out is that as at this morning the world has a living population of 7.6 billion, (Australia contributing close to 25 million), with a land mass of some 150 million square kilometers, (Australia taking up less than 8 million of these square kilometers), meaning there is an abundance of land mass for all these 'kindred spirits' to freely move around in!

Also, it is kind of comforting to put it down as one of my family, friends, even associates that have passed on, but who are still around to assist with these ‘pearls of wisdom’. Whether they are ‘up above’ or ‘down below’, does not really concern me, as in truth I now believe they are 'omnipresent', available as and when necessary to assist with life’s little struggles. 

One thing I am absolutely sure of is that when I am able to shout out the answer to a question on ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’, which ultimately is correct, at which point the family look at me and say, ‘how on earth did you know that?’ I smile inwardly knowing it was one of the ‘ghosts' in the family room giving me an assist…as I sure as hell, or heaven, didn’t know it before-hand!

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Funny you should mention this, I too can sometimes answer a question to a crossword and I truly don't know where the answer came from, maybe somewhere deep in our subconscious?? or like you say an 'omnipresent'?? I prefer the second solution too. 😁
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