Following on from the recent business lunch at which I heard from Mike Connaghan, Chair of RUOK?, the attendees, from the resources financial business community, generously donated the grand total of $2,800, to which RUOK? CEO Brendan Maher responded as follows:

'Appreciate the financial support. We’re a very small team and our fixed costs are covered by a Federal Government grant and profit from merchandise. 

This means that the $2800 will go directly to health promotion activity - most likely our Primary School Campaign (R U OK? to 6).'

Thanks again.

Brendan Maher


We so often hear, or read, about organisations dealing with societies issues at the grass roots level, so to see that RUOK? have also chosen to invest their time, energy and resources in this area is once again encouraging, being yet another  act of mindfulness.

Please, if you or someone you know is showing signs of anxiety (lethargy, moodiness, mood swings, lack of enthusiasm to socialize, declining appetite, increasing alcohol intake), then please do check out the following websites so as to either find or share some of the worlds best support and strategies to cope:

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