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As shared yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to hear from the Chair of RUOK?, Mike Connaghan, pictured above, at a business lunch.

Mike began with a brilliant, if not emotional, summary as to the initial foundation of RUOK?, combined with their excellent achievements in raising awareness at all levels of the community, business and government.

The underlying theme being to simply start a conversation with the words 'Are you okay?' hence the now famous acronym, RUOK?

Mike then became most insightful, posing the question that all 60 guests present undoubtedly wanted to ask...'

What happens when I start the conversation, and the reply is, NO, I'm not OK!'

To which Mike advised the team at RUOK came up with another very powerful acronym...ALEC..which he went on to explain refers to:






A very simple process, yet so remarkably effective!

More to come.....

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