This article certainly received plenty of attention yesterday, with excellent input, with several different perspectives to add to the fray.

The 'GHFC Editor's Blog' 'Welcomes' feedback from all readers, be it aligned or contrary commentary. After all 'Debate is Good' being the foundation of a true Democracy, (providing of course that everyone obeys the 'Agree to Disagree' convention!).

In summary, said article referred to the 'ballsy' initiative taken by the UK PM, Theresa May, to appoint the world's first 'Minister for Mental Health, Inequalities and Suicide Prevention', as part of a raft of measures to support the mental health and well being of school aged children. (See previous Forum General Topic).

Helen: Or we could follow Singapore’s example and remove competition from school assessments, meaning that students 'learn to learn' for learning’s sake and their personal development, rather than to beat, or keep up with their cohort. Reducing the sheer amount of work to allow them to do hobbies, sport, part time jobs, sleep without feeling that this is time when they should be studying, would make a massive difference too!

Charles: Another good example. However does this do anything to identify the cowardly school bullies who hide behind social media to intimidate their prey via cyber space?!

Helen: I could see this making things worse for any bullied kids. Remember queuing up to have the nit nurse look through your hair for lice. Having a nit found would be the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a kid! Everyone knew about it and would tease mercilessly. Can this be done in a way to identify and help those with problems without outing them to potential bullies?

Charles: Probably best we agree to disagree on this one.

Helen: I totally agree more needs to be done and that this is a step in the right direction, I’m just scared that it will be done in a blundering way and make things worse! The British Education Department don’t have a good history. Hopefully this time they’ll avoid rushing through a plan and it will be effective.

GHFC: Additional commentary and perspective, especially from our readers in the UK, would be very much appreciated! Please do speak up.
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I saw this on the BBC breakfast news yesterday speaking to Matt Hancock, who was very passionate about getting something sorted for mental health in it's own right. As with anything, there will always be right ways and wrong ways of dealing with delicate issues, and sometimes or rather unfortunately more often with government they have these great ideas and then don't have the correct person to deal with it. 

Yesterday on the BBC, a woman spoke about her son who was always smiling and seamed so very happy, and on the day that he committed suicide he was his usual smiling self, so she had absolutely no idea that he felt in such turmoil, it was very sad indeed. It's like any illness, unless you have it or know someone struggling with it, it can be hard to know exactly how someone is feeling or coping, and many people are good at covering up their real feelings.

I do feel that the time has come, as with many issues that are now being faced head on, to just be open and not fear, and whilst there will be some bullies that will always be out there, in time they will be the ones that will be made to look weak. Look how far talking about mental issue has already come! 

I think it is good that they are recognising that Mental Health needs it's own Minister and lets hope 'Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price' will be the right person for the role.
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