I bumped in to an old mate this morning, who asked me this very question.

With my usual Glass Half Full response I replied... 'not too bad, in fact in terms of metrics, (my mate likes this kind of information), for every newsletter I send out, every subscriber from Day 1 still accepts it, (so no 'unsubscribes'...phew), and on average 50% actually 'open and view' it.

It was then that I started to get a bit anxious....what if these numbers are well below industry standard...what if the last 2 months have all been for nought!

My anxiety must have been very transparent, as my mate immediately reassured me that when he does a major email out he is lucky to get a 30% 'open and view rate'. He went on to explain that most people receive close to 200 emails per day and have become very adept at sorting out the 'wheat from the chaff', (so good to hear someone still using that phrase!)

My mate asked a bit more about the Glass Half Full Community and its reason for being, to which I advised it is all about raising awareness of the 'hidden signs of anxiety and the onset of depression', at the same time offering a selection of shared experiences and strategies to cope.

I also added that we are always looking to share stories of realistic optimism, (by no means minimizing the concerns we all have about society, the economy, the political landscape, the short supply of commonsense, and what lies ahead for our children and grandchildren).

Stories such as Ben and his inspirational 'Ride For Jase'; 'Ant and his 'B Positive' blood type'; Ken and his emotional message of awareness; Dan with his brilliant achievements at the 2017 FINA World Masters Swim Meet in Budapest; or Daisy with her brief acknowledgements of these uplifting tales, be it with words or simply a cheery emoticon.

We also have 30 ongoing discussion topics on the GHFC forum, (General category), with another 28 on our Why Oh Why On Earth discussion forum.

So all in all, looks like the 'Glass Half Full Community' and 'Why Oh Why On Earth' are progressing nicely.

Many thanks to all our current subscribers, to whom I ask, while very much appreciating how busy we all are, please do add to the discussion topics on our forum page. (You can click on the logo at the top of this Newsletter to go direct to the 'General Topic' section). You don't have to register to see the topics, only when adding a topic or joining a discussion. Which is a small price to pay when considering the power of your thoughts and words!

Thank you one and all! Oh and of course...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!
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I've got a mate just like that! Nice bloke. [wink]
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