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'The Shady Glens' Cancer Council 2019 Rally Team have now hit $8,670 on the way to their target of $10,000 in funds raised.

This awesome amount has been generated through 4 scheduled Events being Bunnings BBQ #1 ($505), Bunnings BBQ #2 ($600), Bunnings BBQ #3 ($700) and Bunnings Cake Stall #1 ($1,000). 

Coming up is our Bunnings Cake Stall #2 on Sunday 16th June, followed up by our 'Gala Fund Raising Night' on Saturday 22nd June. (Contact Charles Hill on 0427 006993 for more information).

Of course none of this money would have been raised without the extremely generous support of all the Sponsors, 'Human Engineering', 'Masters Invest', 'Hills UK', 'FM Group' and the 'GHFC', all the above mentioned Event patrons, along with family and friends across the Globe!

A 'BIG' Thankyou to every one who has generously donated to date. 

Should you be in a position to donate to the cause, then please visit The Shady Glens 'We Give' fundraising page, which also has information about the Rally and The Shady Glens themselves:

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