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For the second morning in a row we awoke to the news that another 4 boys have been safely rescued from the Tham Luang cave system in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, that has been their captor since June 23rd.….17 days and nights!

This is without doubt a miracle. However we cannot release our breath yet, as we await the third rescue mission to deliver the remaining 4 boys and their 25 year old soccer coach, Ekaphol Chantawong.

By all accounts the second rescue mission ran even smoother than the initial one, reducing the overall return trip by 2 hours.

One can fully appreciate the conflicting emotions of euphoria, with regard to the 8 children already rescued, with the anxiety relating to the 5 people still trapped under the ground.

The latest news we have from the rescue site is that despite the strong desire to bring out all five with the 3rd mission, the overall success dictates that once again the remaining 4 boys will be the focus of the 3rd rescue, meaning Ekaphol will have to spend one more night in the cave, only this time, being the first time since the accident, he will be alone.

I shiver just thinking about this predicament. At just 25 years of age I don't think I would have had the internal fortitude to spend one more claustrophobic night, in what has become a dungeon, let alone without the succour of company!

We can only hope that at least one rescuer is able to stay with Ekaphol, purely and simply for his mental health well being. It would be a lot to ask of anyone so to do; an enormous sacrifice; courageous beyond compare; an undoubtedly heroic action! Let's hope this special person is among this extraordinary group of rescuers.

Without doubt our thoughts and prayers over the last 17 days have been heard. Tonight more than any night, they need to be heard loud and clear!

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