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Following is what I feel to be an incredibly meaningful way to both view, and manage, the impact of anxiety. As I read the complete feature in last weekend's Sunday Telegraph, Stellar magazine, my immediate reaction was that,'this is such common sense, so straightforward, not at all complex or deep'.

Which is of course how the best and most effective strategies succeed. As many fellow 'anxiety fueled' readers would attest, we simply, by our very nature, have a tendancy to over think things, looking for the equivalent of a Darwinian Theory of Evolution or an Einstein's Theory of Relativity, when in fact the answer is right in front of our noses, big and bold for all but the anxious to see!

Best I let you read more of Bev's revelations below:

Bev Aisbett has illustrated self-help books on anxiety, depression and related issues, including the much-loved Living with IT and Taming the Black Dog, which have been a source of hope and support for thousands of readers in Australia and overseas for the past two decades. 

As an illustrator and cartoonist, Bev created her unique cartoon format to simplify and demystify complex concepts, provide practical solutions and inject gentle humour to bring relief to those in distress.

In a recent edition of stellar magazine, Bev shares that the first psychologist she saw described her as 'one of the most frightened people she had ever met'.

Why? you may well ask. Well in answer, Bev had just taken the big step of going freelance as an illustrator and cartoonist, to which all her self-doubt came roaring to the surface!

As a cognitive therapy coping mechanism Bev started to simplify information into 'BevSpeak', crafting reassurance and reminder flashcards, even developing her IT character, representing the inner critic that comes with anxiety.

Bev says that, 'by manifesting my anxiety this way, I was able to question and refute the negative self talk'.

For more on Bev and the way in which she helps people battling anxiety and depression, so as to answer the question, 'Am I my own worst critic?' , with confidence, please click the link below:

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