I recently had the great pleasure of attending Day 1 of the 1st Cricket Test between Australia and India at the Adelaide Oval. 

Upon arrival at the Southern End, I headed straight for the coffee kiosk, ordered my usual, and proffered a $5 note in payment. 

The Barista advised that they did not take cash; credit card only. I asked if I could cancel my order and go to a cash kiosk, to which she replied that what she meant was all the outlets, coffee, food, beer, water, are credit card only.

I asked if they took AMEX. Absolutely was the reply. However the terminal declined said AMEX. Second option was my Bank card, which after pay-waving, chip reading and swiping, eventually worked.

The day's cricket unfolded. An excellent day of entertaining cricket, in the heat of a 40C scorcher. Rehydration was key, not just for the players, but for us spectators! My Bank card got a good work out, be it coffee, water or a couple of quiet beers towards the end.

It was after having collected my 2nd beer, that I noticed a stall with the banner, 'cash for card'. I went over to enquire, being advised that for those customers who only had cash, they could exchange it for credit on an Adelaide Oval card, which was accepted at all the outlet terminals. (I should have been more curious earlier in the day!).

In summary, although being taken aback by my initial perception of the imposition of being forced to use a credit card not cash, (certainly not clearly communicated by the ticket vendor), the cashless system actually worked very well. The opportunity to convert cash to an in-house credit card was also a great innovation.

As such my 'Day at the Cricket' was not only intriguing, exciting and very rewarding, it was also an opportunity to see first hand how tradition and technology can work hand in hand, to deliver a world class product. 

The combination of a beautifully designed, state of the art stadium, alongside the heritage listed Scoreboard and Moreton Bay Fig trees on The Hill; combined with a well thought out cash-less society, really worked!

As with everything the only issue was a lack of communication. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed! Now looking forward to attending the Fourth Test at the SCG!

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