Following on from yesterday's Blog relating to Anxiety in Adolescence, I was drawn to an interview on this morning's Today Show, with Hugh van Cuylenburg, (pictured above), founder of The Resilience Project. Hugh has just published his first book, of the same name, with the subtext being all about Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.

Sound familiar? 

Well it should as it is something we at the GHFC are truly passionate about!

Hugh also shared the stark fact that a recent global study concluded that, on average we spend close 50% of our waking hours thinking about what we are going to do later (in the Future); about 30% about what we have recently done (in the Past); leaving just 20% of the day to actually be feeling, engaging with, and taking note of, what is actually happening now, this very second (the Present).

It kind of puts a lot of things into perspective when presented so bluntly!

Anyway, let's hear a bit more from Hugh below:

'In 2008, I was fortunate enough to spend a few months living and volunteering in the far north of India. In this desert community, there was no running water, no electricity and no beds; everyone slept on the floor of their desert hut. 

Despite the fact these people had very little to call their own, I was continually blown away by how happy they were.

It was this experience, and subsequent post graduate studies, that have led me to some pretty simple conclusions about the things that we need to be doing here in Australia if we want to be happier. 

In a nutshell, I learnt in this desert village that practicing gratitude, empathy (compassion) and mindfulness leads us to a happier more fulfilling experience. 

Once I discovered these three principles were also evidence based, I thought it might be a good idea to turn this into a program for schools. 

Turns out it wasn’t just schools that wanted to hear this message!'

I'm off to the book shop now to buy my copy of Hugh's book, to which I will be delighted to share with others who wish to read it.

Let me know!



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