William Shakespeare was undoubtedly a genius, admittedly not every ones cup of tea, but The Bard was second to none as the Einstein of the literary fraternity!

But did you know that Shakespeare was fascinated by mental illness, many characters displaying a variety of symptoms from Lear’s madness, Jaques’ melancholy, Timon’s bitter cursing, Macbeth’s visions and Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking, to the obsessiveness of Leontes.

How fitting should it be that Claire Spencer, CEO at The Arts Centre Melbourne, spoke for 20 minutes on mental health in the high pressure world of performing arts, during a speech in front of a packed house at the annual Tessitura Learning and Community Conference, in Orlando, Florida.

Claire sought to peel back the veneer and delve deep into mental health and well being in the Arts, including the vexed topic of suicide.

At the end of her speech Claire shares the moving feedback from one of many participants  who have attended the Arts Centre Melbourne 'Mental Health Wellbeing' sessions, after which the audience rose to their feet in loud, spontaneous applause!

The full article is available in the 'Weekend Australian Magazine', April 6 - 7, as penned by journalist, Damon Kitney. Alternatively the link below takes you to the 20 minute video of Claire's speech:

I'm sure you'll agree that this is an extremely positive and mindful step in the right direction, however as Claire states, still plenty to do. I certainly would recommend all those involved in the Corporate world to take at look at Claire's presentation, to see how it best fits with your own organisation.

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